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 Nice to meet 'cha~!

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Fey | May

Fey | May

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Age : 23
Location : High school (morning, weekdays); game shop (afternoon-night, weekends)

PostSubject: Nice to meet 'cha~!    Wed Aug 08, 2012 4:51 pm

My name is Fey, and I am a very bubbly teen who really needs to grow up soon~ As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, I've set my heart out to follow my dreams, but lately I've been stuck in between what I desire to what I need to do. I'm the youngest member on LMA~!

Backstory: Her parents, by Kira's hand, had killed one another and left Fey all alone, who had left to live in an empty apartment away from the LMA manor so that the media would not expose the household. With the only potential chance of Fey being the last to be around the two, she was immediately put under arrest under suspicion of the murder, despite being young. Her case had been kept a secret from the public and discussed privately to prevent any potential threats from her parents' company's partners. Refusing to speak in court, or rather being lost for words, the lack of evidence confirming her alibi had her imprisoned in a special jail for a little over a year. When no further evidence had been discovered, the court immediately let the girl out. To express their deepest apologies for the great mistake, all records of the case against her were terminated, andthey were willing to offer her something that would prove her forgiveness. All she desired was being indirectly part of the Kira case, researching independently and contributing. Soon after she returned to LMA, hoping that her little secret would remain hidden.

Age: 17 but IRL, I'm really 16
Grade: Grade 12 but IRL, I'm in grade 11
Gender: Female
Food: A large variety with a balance of sweets and salty foods; I pretty much each anything I'm given~
Music: Upbeat and rhythmic ones to dance to, as well as rock bands.
Movies: Anything animated/romantic comedy
Books: ...Science books...>>
Strongest Subject(s): Science, French, and Art.
Weakest Subject(s): MATH. D:
Overall Personality: I'm very social, but a little paranoid about how my forwardness will affect others. Energetic, but impatient. I can be very unpredictable sometimes; it's either a good or bad thing. When I get close to someone, I really do hold them dear! Honesty is what I abide by, which is why I feel uncomfortable when I'm forced to keep something a secret.
Fears: Spiders, snakes, and deep forests.

Life's an adventure~! Everything that happens has a reason behind it, so keep optimistic~! <3

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Nice to meet 'cha~!
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